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Ski Instruction

One of the crucial elements of ski mountaineering is that you can ski, often underestimated by many mountaineers venturing into the hills on ski. Many ski tours will involve crossing steep terrain, icy traverses and in the Alps awkward glacier crossing’s of which all may have serious consequences for a slip. A confident approach on varying snow and terrain is important. Being comfortable on different snow types is vital as the groomers don't stray from the resorts and crud, heavy snow, ice and deep powder will be encountered in the mountains. 

Although we specialise in ski mountaineering we do offer ski lessons either in the mountains or on the piste.

During all of our courses we aim to offer coaching and tips while we ski that may help you improve your skiing. 

All our courses are tailor made to your needs with regard to dates and and content so feel free to email and we can arrange the best thing for you.


These lessons can vary from a full day £150 and a half day at £80


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